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Another Semester Finished--New Beginnings

With another semester of College passed, I can honestly say that this is the most I have learned in quite a while. However, it's a silly thing to say--I only took two classes! These were of course, as my twitter followers and close friends know, College composition and Swimming. With only five credits in total, it is nothing in comparison to the twelve credits normally seen as a "full load."
    The writing class was one of my favorite classes, only up against my past Italian course. While many students would grimace at the syllabus, I loved that it was a semester of nothing but writing week after week of essays. We reviewed news articles, debates, and sometimes even past occurrences of war. It grounded me a bit in what's really happening in our crazy society, and sadly I admit, I've become even more of a news watcher now.
   Swimming was amazing. Pushing myself to new boundaries, testing my limits, and ultimately building a body I feel proud of--and a wicked california tan. I'm ultimately saddened that the semester ended, with these great courses and even greater professors now old news, but they gave me knowledge in athleticism and writing that I know I will continue to use.

Now the cool news: My writing professor, a short, older woman, enjoyed my writing and interest in the course. She noticed that I liked writing, using it to vent out and discuss rather than using speech, and assisting others with their papers. She asked what I wanted to do, and I told her to become a creative writer, if not just a writer in general.
Out of the kindness of her heart, she gave me the number to one of her friends and co-workers--a man who took her class himself, where he met his current wife. He's a published author, rather well published actually, and teaches various college courses in this subject. He spoke with me the other day, and agreed to work with me on my skills (after informing he plans to be looking through some of them, of course). He asked me to call him again at the beginning of July when he's open, and from there we can start. I am both horrified, and excited.
My professor didn't finish there, having me meet her writer friend, but also emailed the director of the college to recommend me as a tutor for the college's writing center, hopefully accepting to me as I could make around 8-14 bucks an hour for simply writing and tutoring.

Hopefully this is the change I have been waiting for in my life, and things only get better.

Lazy Eggs! (Microwave Scrambled Eggs)

So I found the best thing since sliced bread, while reading my annual MensHealth subscription. It's a simple touch on the classic Scrambled Eggs recipe, but made much simpler for those who don't have the time to hit the frying pan, nor the interest!
You will need

-2 eggs

- 2 tablespoons of milk

-Around a 12 Oz coffee mug

-Salt and pepper, cheese if desired

First, be sure to spray the mug with non-stick cooking spray!! Flavored is preferred, I used butter flavored.

Ok, so after spraying in the non-sticky stuff, crack 2 Eggs into the coffee mug, followed by adding in the 2 Tablespoons of milk. Take a small whisk, and beat the alien like mixture until blended
      Once mixed together, pop the mug in the microwave for 45 seconds
Then, once the mug is toasty, be sure to stir it with a fork or some utensil. Fire cancer-waves at it again for another 45 seconds. 

Your alien concoction should now be golden fluffy puffs of scrambled eggs! If it still is kinda liquid-y, fire more cancer-waves. After that, run a fork through it, sprinkle on some pepper and salt, cheese if you desire. You just made the laziest eggs in history!

New writing blog


decided to make one after a friend started talking about art and writing blogs. Feel free to follow! Already posted something, though please follow to read it.

New years resolution

My goal this next upcoming year is to pretty much not have a repeat of this past year. While memories were great, made a LOT of new friends (some good, some bad), and tried things I never would have; consequently I was not myself through most of the year. In the end, I just ended up destroying myself in my perspective, pushing away most of my family, and just trying to live the life I thought I wanted. While I AM pretty much over some things, it still pains when I think of good times, then how the bad and REALLY bad influenced them. For now, I know I have to take some time to rebuild, and soul search for myself again. 

  All in all: I plan to stay single (so I can find myself, and recover from the trauma I've been put through), to ground myself a little more and try to prevent myself from becoming a horrified ball of anxiety. I plan to find a job so I can start relying on MYSELF, as an adult should rather than ask others for aid (though, this will be hard seeing the current economic status of our state). I need a little growing up to do, I'm not sure how, and it'd be nice to have some help on the way, but I feel at nineteen...I act more like an eccentric puppy (though, of course, I know that is who I am when having fun, and therefore do not need to lose that side completely). Finally, if not more, I need to learn how to fucking drive, and drive. I feel bad that my anxiety is so much a bother, that I can't drive alone at times...let alone the thought of driving on the freeway/interstate period. I've had a whole year of driving, and while still new...I just need to get my foot in the door. The person who WAS helping didn't help much by putting me behind the wheel of a vehicle I myself wasn't comfortable with (when the thing can hit 180, and you're used to an old toyota pickup...it IS actually being green).

Hopefully with new years, and the vacation I SO FUCKING desperately need at Further Confusion, I can move on to better, healthier, happier things.

War Horse Review (no spoilers)

TL;DR - Great, inspirational, and tear jerking war and animal story; however, evidently not for children excluding the PG-13 rating. Bring some Tissues.

War Horse is an excellent War Movie (coming from the guy who LOVES Schindler's List) as well as a great film for animal lovers. While rather quick at some points, the many 'acts' that take place each give a GLIMPSE into how war affects everyone around it within the nations, 'war takes everything'. The film is shot wonderfully in Film, and gives a touch back to the classic storytelling that movies once used before Michael Bay started raping our eyes with explosions. I found myself throughout the film growing close to each and every person the horse touches (including a few animal stars). It is one of those animal movies that will have you in tears, but while not so much on the animals demises nor the humans, but rather on the emotional aspects and beauty of such creatures and moments. From wide panel shots to images of war containing depth (Not as grim as Spielburg's previous war films on the other hand). 

As an animal lover as well as an interest in movie crafting, I definitely enjoyed it. I was surprised to see a few children in this theatre watching the movie, and with all respect, it is not a movie for young children, ignoring the PG-13 rating. It shows shocking war images, up close and personal as well as evident, and a few bits of animal and human brutality/euthanasia. For the little girl a few seats over, I'm sorry you had to see some of the life aspects shown. John William's writes the score and while imo, it is not his best work, it still brings all the emotion into the story as well as gives it a classic film touch. 

Go see it if you want to spend some time, focusing on, what is classically told, a great story.

Writer's Block: Merry Christmas

The gift of friendships, New and old <33
What is the best present you received this year?

Writing thoughts

If it is one thing I have noticed, looking over various works of novellas/novels, short stories and the like, is the--I wouldn't say lack of--absence of emotionally driven stories. I of course, could be wrong. Thought, it seems an abundance of the stories released are pornos, relationship stories, etc; consequently, the fandom looks into those more as that seems to be what is of top interest. No one seems to want to read sad/uplifting stories, asides from those dealing with love life. Show to me if I am wrong, I just think, over glancing through racks, that the fandom needs some nuance within itself.

Hopefully I can try and write emotional stories, unrelated to relationships plot wise, when I get better into this writing thing.

buon natale!

''At one time most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I've grown old the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe. ''

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Post your favorite holiday-themed animated gif. One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]


I'm slowly returning to myself finally. School is ending tomorrow with my last finals, been taking time to myself to readjust and spend time with my closest friends, and christmas is coming soon. It'll take time for me to fully be back to my cheery self, after the trauma I had and certain issues, but hopefully by fc i'll be perky and peppy.

short update, but I gotta go to sleep. Thanks again to all those who have helped me through this dark time <3 you all